This page contains runners maps and support drivers road maps for each leg along with files which can be downloaded and imported into various GPS devices and watches. We have provided gpx tracks (gps exchange file importable into many different units), tcx files (Garmin course files, mainly for Garmin handheld devices and Forerunner 205/305/310XT/910XT watches) or you can view the tracks online with google maps.

Please note: Legs 13 and 14 will be changing to avoid the closed railway bridge at Alton.

Whilst running the route, if you notice any mistakes on the leg descriptions or are willing to let us have your gps tracks, please contact us.

To download the gpx or tcx files onto your computer right click and select save target as.. and store into your Garmin - or other - directory. You then import the relevant file into Garmin Training Center, Express, Basecamp or the relevant software for your watch. If you need help with any particular software etc. send us an e-mail and we will try to help.

If you look at this how too PDF file it shows how to download, install and use the files using Training Center, although most people have moved onto using Express or Basecamp.

Leg Runners Map End Postcode Road Map Track Course Google Map
All All Legs as one file gpx tcx google
Leg 1 Emsworth (PO10 7EH) - Warblington church PO9 2TU map gpx tcx google
Leg 2 Warblington church - West Leigh playing fields PO9 5QA map joined with leg 1
Leg 3 West Leigh - Rowlands Castle PO9 6DA map gpx tcx google
Leg 4 Rowlands castle - Finchdean PO8 0AZ map gpx tcx google
Leg 5 Finchdean - Chalton PO8 0BG map gpx tcx google
Leg 6 Chalton - Buriton GU31 5RX map gpx tcx google
Leg 7 Buriton - Petersfield GU32 3LX map gpx tcx google
Leg 8 Petersfield - Steep GU32 2DD map gpx tcx google
Leg 9 Steep - Hawkley GU33 6ND map gpx tcx google
Leg 10 Hawkley - Vann farm GU34 3SF map gpx tcx google
Leg 11 Vann Farm - Charity Farm GU34 3LW map gpx tcx google
Leg 12 Charity Farm - Upper Farringdon GU34 3EG map gpx tcx google
Leg 13 Upper Farringdon - Alton Cricket Fields GU34 1SN map gpx tcx google
Leg 14 Alton Cricket Fields - Bentworth GU34 5RA map gpx tcx google
Leg 15 Bentworth - Burkham GU34 5RT map gpx tcx google
Leg 16 Burkham - Ellisfield RG25 2QR map gpx tcx google
Leg 17 Ellisfield - Cliddesden School RG25 2QU map gpx tcx google
Leg 18 Cliddesden School - Cliddesden Village Hall RG25 2JQ map gpx tcx google