— Legs 13 & 14 are going to have to change as a result of the railway bridge at Atom being closed.

— The 2019 charities are The Cafe Project and Viables Memory Club.

— The 2019 entry form is now available. The sponsorship form will be available shortly after the nominated charity is announced later in 2018.

— Full results with leg breakdowns for 2018 are now available.

— Photos and results summary now available. If you have photos you would like to see on the web site, please contact photos@emsworthrelay.org.uk. Detailed results will be posted once collated and checked.

— The 2018 entry and sponsorship forms are now available.

— Full results with leg breakdowns are now available. Please note the correction to the results with Victory Vipers in 4th place and Your Pace or Mine in 5th. The original results did not account for the fact that Your Pace or Mine started at 9:40 and not 10am.

— Thank you to the 24 teams taking place in the 2017 race. Full results and photographs will be made available as soon as possible. Next year's event will be on 19th May 2018.

— The sponsorhip form is now available for download.

— The 2017 charity is The Rosemary Foundation.

— Updates for leg 3 have been published.

— The 2017 entry form is available for download.

— £2334 has been collected so far with donations expcted from 2 more teams.

— Full results with leg breakdowns are now available.

— A full breakdown of the results will be loaded soon.

— Results are now posted, photos for the past 2 years will be updated later.

— Minor update to the leg 12 description.

— Added road maps for the new legs, leg 11 onwards.

— Slight alteration to the position of the leg 15/16 changeover in Spain Lane.

— Updated leg 11 description.

— All gps downloads are now available.

— The new 2016 maps and directions are available now. The remaining car maps and tcx files will be available very soon.

Route change for 2016. Legs 11 onwards are changing this year to go east of Alton to avoid some dangerous black spots in the old route. More information available soon.

— Leg 8/9 changeover for 2016 will revert back to the old location in Steep. The fete was not on last year and the main road at Cockshott Lane was too dangerous.

— The total raised for the 2015 race has now totalled close to £6000 due to some late payments and the generosity of Sony matching funds.

— 2016 Entry form now available.

— £4318 was raised in 2015 for Sebastian's Action Trust. Thank you to everyone who raised money.

— Results now available. Detailed results with leg breakdowns will be available in the future.

— Full 2015 results and photos are being processed. Category winners are shown on the home page.

— With around 30 teams this year, there will be a split start with some teams going off at 10am and the faster teams going off at 10:30am.

— Video run throughs of the individual legs can be found on the Swamp Donkey YouTube channel. Thanks to Trev Perret for making these available. Note that Trev has yet to video the new legs 8 and 9 and the run throughs for these are the old legs from last year.

— Maps and directions now updated for 2015 to show updated legs 8 and 9.

— 2015 Entry form now available.

— Leg 8/9 changeover has moved for 2015 from Steep to Cockshott Lane near Lutcome Bottom to avoid the bottleneck at the fete. Updated maps and directions should be available soon.

— The 2015 charity is Sebastian's Action Trust.

— Over £3000 was raised in 2014 for The Meningitis Trust. The exact amount is not known as some people donated direct using sites like JustGiving.

— The 2015 charity will soon be announced.

— Video run throughs will be available for all legs for 2015. Thanks to Trev Perret for making these available.

— Photographs for 2013 and 2014 have been uploaded. Sorry for the long delay.

— Full 2014 results have now been posted.

— A bull has been reported in the field on leg 10, Hawkley to Vann farm. Please take care.

— The playful heifers are back on leg 17. The same diversion option as last year is available for those who prefer to avoid them.

— The 2014 entry and sponsorship forms are now available.

— The date for the 2014 relay has been set as Saturday 17th May. Entry forms and sponsorship forms will be made available soon.

— Full 2013 results and photos are being processed. The site will be updated as soon as possible when available. If you have photographs you would like to share on the site, please contact us at info@emsworthrelay.org.uk. We would love to include them.

— Due to a very playful herd of heifers on leg 17 at Hurst Farm runners will have a diversion option. At the phone box continue along Bagmore Lane on for 400 metres. Turn right along byway (Stratchface Lane). After 500 metres turn left and rejoin existing route. The diversion will add 360 metres to the leg but is on a better surface with slightly less climbing. It will be up to each team whether they use this diversion. IT IS NOT PERMISSIBLE TO CONTINUE FURTHER ALONG BAGMORE LANE TO OXLEASE LANE.

— This year's charity is the The Meningitis Trust. The sponsorship form is now uploaded.

— The date for the 2013 relay has been set. It will be on the 18th May 2012. The charity has yet to be decided.

— 2012 results have now been posted.

— 2012 event photos have now been loaded. Let us know if you have more we can publish.

— Full 2012 results and photos are being processed. The site will be updated as soon as possible when available. If you have photographs you would like to share on the site, please contact us at info@emsworthrelay.org.uk. We would love to include them.

— The website has been completely re-designed for 2012. Old lost results, race reports and photos are available again now.

2012 entry form available

2011 results available

— Follow us on Twitter @emsworthrelay.

Route maps and Garmin files for the new 2010 route have been uploaded.

— New for 2010 route around Alton checked out and agreed for legs 12 - 14

— 23 team entered for 2009 race

— Navigation files for legs 17 & 18 are now available - previously they were joined together.

More 2008 pictures added.

— 2008 photos starting to arrive

— Complete navigation file for all the legs combined available via the route maps page. A pdf file is available from the same page showing exactly how to download, install and use these files.

— New complete leg descriptions section with very detailed descriptions.

— New rules/hints and tips section available.

— New leg 16 - 18 maps are now on the site for downloading.

— Corrected maps updated to website.

— As of the 2008 race the end is at the Memorial Hall in Cliddesden. Legs 16 - 18 were therefore changed.